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Not Getting Lost Defines Virtual Find Corporation’s New Visual Eyewear

SAN JOSE, Cal., June 8, 2017 – Virtual Find Corporation’s CEO, George Spandex, announced at the annual Imaging Conference its Visual Eyewear product that blends virtual images with real world. The products main application is to provide a user visual direction to a location he or she wants to go to.

Major benefits are that the direction image points directly to the line of travel where the user is going, its voice operated, and it frees the user’s hands for other important tasks. The Virtual Find Visual Eyewear product will be available on September Best Buy stores.

The Visual Eyewear product is a set of glasses with an attachment smaller than a tenth of an inch. A green arrow direction image displays on the eyeglass lens. Total weight of the Visual Eyewear product is less than three ounces making it comfortable to wear.

Spandex related a couple of real life instances where Virtual Find’s Visual Eyewear product proved instrumental:

“There was a couple driving on a dark, cool night in an annoying rain. They were traveling to a friend’s mountain retreat. Green display arrows provided safe direction guidance through the many twists and turns along the way. The driver didn’t have to squint his eyes to find the turns. Or did he experience the frustration of missing a turn.” Spandex said.

Spandex continued: “And there was a firefighter carrying an injured victim out of a smoke filled building that’s on fire. He safely made his way out of the building visually guided by the green arrows. His hands-free visual guidance allowed him to carry the victim to safety, saving his life.”

For more information, visit or call Bob Taylor at (855) 806-9123.

About Virtual Find Corporation

Virtual Find Corporation is a visual display technology firm located in San Jose, California. Founded in 2002 by CEO George Spandex, Virtual Find Corporation manufacturers wearable enhanced visual eyewear products. Products that display visual directions to locations people want to go to without getting lost. It’s done through verbal requests. No hands-on-control required.


Bob Taylor

Senior Product Manager, Virtual Find Corporation

855 806-9123

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NOTE: The company and product are fictional.