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There is an Easy Solution

Orally taking a tablet daily containing a high amount of a critical nutrient helps you to resolve your memory shortfall.

The solution is a “Memory – NOW!”

Each tablet contains 1,000 micrograms of the nutrient. That is sufficient to overcome the low absorption rate senior’s experience with the critical nutrient (typically 1.2%).

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How Does This Nutrient Deficiency Problem Happen?

As we age, our bodies gradually loses the ability to absorb a key nutrient to maintain memory power.

For seniors in their 60’s, the mean value absorption rate is 1.2%[1] for this nutrient.

That means 50% of the people have less than a 1.2% absorption of the nutrient. And the other 50% have more.

The mean is the middle value for the population.

Why is this Nutrient Important?

Good question.

Hey, summer is here.

Summer brings long fun evening’s ideal for an exciting social life.

Now, do you join in the social life? Or do you just not bother because you have a short-term memory problem?

Not bother? Because of Dementia?

You’re embarrassed because it is too difficult for you to participate in a conversation. You’re confused. You don’t remember the words to respond with. You quickly forget what was said. You ask for a repeat. People give up – start to ignore you. You become isolated.

So is this what is happening? You don’t participate in social functions? You stay home, watch television, and become lonely? Not very exciting isn’t it?

There you sit. Now the fear arises of being placed in a nursing home. And you’re thinking about it. You believe you will be alongside people who mumble words you don’t understand. Or they’re sleeping. Or they’re yelling at someone. Usually it’s to the caretaker and she doesn’t respond.

Well, that’s what could happen over time when your body is deficient with this key nutrient.

Let it not it be you.

A Solution to Help Restore Your Memory

But there is a way out. You may be having an onslaught of Dementia because your body is deficient with a critical nutrient that supports brain power.

You Ask – “Why is that? I’m on a balanced diet. Take a multi-vitamin. Sleep well. Yet, is there a nutrient I’m deficient in? Didn’t know that. How can that be? I didn’t have this problem when I was younger. What’s going on?”

Good questions.

About the culprit nutrient. Your body becomes less able to absorb this nutrient as you age. When a person is in their 60’s, the mean absorption rate for this nutrient is 1.2%.

“Mean absorption? Please explain.” Okay – interpret the mean as 50% of the population has an absorption rate of less than 1.2% and the other 50% has an absorption rate more than 50%. The mean is the middle point of the population.

So a tablet containing a much higher amount of this nutrient can help you in resolving your memory problem. You must try it!

A typical multivitamin contains 6 micrograms (mcg) of the nutrient. Some have as high as 100 mcg. Mayo Clinic[2] advises 6 mcg per day absorbed in your system. With the typical absorption rate of 1.2%[1] you can see that even the 100 mcg tablet is grossly short with 1.2 mcg being absorbed.

Free 30 Day Supply of the Critical Nutrient Tablets

At your request, we can send you a FREE 30 day supply of the 1,000 mcg critical nutrient tablets. See how the 1,000 mcg nutrient tablets help you. There is no obligation on your part to buy anything. Take a tablet every day for 30 days. Watch it help you with your memory. The trial sample is free.

Why do we do this? For free? Our main concern is that we want to help you wipe-out your Dementia. And this is one way to do it.

You will be taking tablets in the comfort of your home. Hey, see if your spouse notices the gradual improvement.

The nutrient helps bring back your exciting social life. Always something for you to do. You don’t have to have those lonely evenings.

WOW! And you were worried about having to be placed in a nursing home? Not anymore. That fear is history.

The nutrient tablets helped you.

Testimonials From Our Customers Offer You Proof the Nutrient Tablets Help

It’s normal for you to question the effectiveness of a dietary supplement that is said to help restore your short-term memory. The product is called Memory – NOW!

We have 147 testimonials to date from customers thanking us for Memory – NOW! A few sample testimonials are in the page 1 sidebar.

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Is Memory – NOW! effective on helping you?

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A couple of months from now, imagine yourself at a fun event interacting with friends in a conversation.

“Hey, that fear of being placed in a nursing home. Was I actually thinking of that? No more. I’ve got a social life to live.”

Thank you Memory – NOW!


So there you have it. All you have to do is to fill out the online form, click send, and receive a trial sample of Memory – NOW. It’s free, no obligation. Find out how it can help you.

Remember, the most likely cause for the beginning stage of Dementia for seniors is the gradual inability of your body to absorb a key nutrient.

The trial sample is free, no obligation.

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Oh by the way. Memory – NOW! customers also told us the nutrient helped them to build up their “Go-Go” energy. It provided the motivation to get their butt out of the house and take part in exciting social activities.


Memory restored. And I also have a lot of energy? Unbeatable.


[1] Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements, Michael T. Murray, N.D., p. 131
[2] Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging, Edward T. Creagan, M.D. p. 242
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