Landing Page

Landing Page

Purpose – How to Create your Landing Page

  • This page gives specific information on how to create an optimized landing page.

  • A landing page encouraging a visitor to take the action to click the link to your lead magnet.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Landing Page? Why is it important?

  • A recommended set of twelve rules for the development of your Landing Page

  • Landing page templates for ideas – WordPress compatible

  • Some conversions are a challenge

  • Recommendations for you

What is a Landing Page? Why is it important?

  • A Landing Page is a web page in the Marketing Funnel designed to motivate a visitor to take an action leading to a conversion.

  • A Landing Page for lead generation is generally short.

    • It is not trying to sell a product but instead gives the visitor something free.

A recommended set of twelve rules for the development of your Landing Page

1. Ask yourself what do you want the visitors to do?

What’s your goal?

2. Then focus on that specific goal.

If it’s for lead generation, your goal is probably having the visitor fill out and submit an opt-in form to get the lead magnet,

If that’s the action you want taken (to get lead generation), then it’s the only action you should talk about on the Landing Page.

3. Have your most important information placed above the fold.

Don’t make the visitor scroll down to find what you’re offering.

Also, have the opt-in form up top in the right-hand sidebar.

Have supporting information follow your most powerful messages.

Recommendation is to repeat your action-oriented messages later on the text.

Make sure you identify your visitor’s problem or need.

Your product – establish it as the solution.

Highlight the proof.

4. Write an eye-catching headline

Does the headline indicate a solution for the visitor’s pain is available? Or his want?

Is it persuasive?

You want the headline to make the visitor feel that the content on the landing page addresses solving their problem pain or want.

5. Highlight the benefits for the visitor.

Have your landing page clearly highlight the benefits of the product covered in your lead magnet.

Visitors will love to read about the benefits your product will bless on them.

They’re starved for the information your lead magnet will provide. Make them happy.

6. Acquaint your visitor with the desirable features

Benefit messages are powerful. Features are not.

But your audience is interested in the product features.

Have a bulleted list of features, Examples – ebook chapters, webinar topics.

Yes, benefits sell, but benefits are delivered through the features.

7.  Have a call to action (CTA). Make sure you repeat it.

People love to have a clear direction indicator.

Provide a colorful button with a CTA message on it.

Make the message a contrasting color from the button.

Keep the message short and direct.

For lead generation, you will want a message about submitting your opt-in form.

Place two CTA buttons on your landing page. One above the fold and again one at the bottom.

8. Relevant colorful images and videos – add them.

Makes the landing page look interesting.

Images or videos can visually improve communication on your important messages.

Important benefit – helps to increases your conversion rate.

But be careful. Don’t use too many images and videos.

9. Review how you format the landing page.

No distractions leading to your call to action.

No irrelevant images, text, graphics, links, etc.

Remove the website’s top navigation bar.

Proper use of the header family.

Lots of white space.

Single column design for mobile devices.

Sub-headings collected together tell a story.

Image of your lead magnet at the top of your landing page.

10. You’ve made a claim. Now offer proof.

Add testimonials.

Include people’s full names and photos, company names.

Ask for permission to use the testimonial from the originator.

11. Have a simple opt-in form

As few fields as possible.

Only asking for the email address gives you the best result.

12. If you’re using something like a Facebook Ad to attract a prospect, make the landing page a Page on your website with an URL.

In that case, if your website is on a WordPress platform, it’s easy to make a keyword permalink out of the URL, and add a search engine title and Meta Description.

It’s free advertising on an organic search.

Landing page templates for ideas – WordPress compatible

1. Leadpages:

2. Instapage:

3. Unbounce::

4. OptimizePress:

A landing page can be long to include videos, testimonials, and images. Take a look at the templates offered.

Or a landing page can be short and simple yet be effective.

Performance data shows a long landing page is more effective for higher-value conversions.

Some conversions are a challenge

Consider the following landing page tips that may boost conversions:

  • Have a headline with a strong benefit flavor.

  • Subtitles descriptive of the content that follows.

    • All the subtitles grouped together tell a story.

  • Visitor-grabbing images and color.

  • Replace long paragraphs of copy with bulleted lists.

  • Actual testimonials from users.

  • Answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM)

  • Talk about a solution for a visitor’s pain point or for satisfying a want.

  • An opt-in form that’s easily assessable – locate it in multiple places for long copy.

  • Relevant information about you.

  • Information on what happens next after submitting the opt-in form and what the subscriber will get.

Recommendations for you

  • Run an A/B split test to measure performance of two landing page designs.

  • Here’s a caution to be aware of:

    • Immediate test results, say after 48 hours, may show one landing page version has a significant high performance over the other.

    • The poorer performer may be a longer version of the better performer.

    • What could happen is the straggler affect.

    • The longer, detailed version may have stragglers entering into the conversion at a later time. And the results may be significant.

    • The message is:

      • Keep monitoring the split test results for a longer period.

      • You may be surprised with the results.

    • Another thing that might happen is that the straggler group may display a higher loyalty to your brand.

      • And they become brand advocates.

    • So when split testing, continue to measure the performance of the landing page over a period of time.

      • Note the performance.

      • Any comments coming through?

      • Any evidence of advocacy?

Feel free to send me a comment. Thanks. Maybe we can chat about landing pages. Or Email Marketing.

Everybody has different ideas. Interesting to find out what yours are.

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