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Purpose – Responses to questions raised by Email Marketing people using Google Search.

Table of Questions

  • What is Email Marketing and its benefits?

  • How do you send marketing emails?

  • How do I start Email Marketing?

  • What are Email Marketing campaigns?

  • What are the best practices for an Email Marketing Campaign?

  • How do you write a Marketing Email?

  • What are Email Marketing Tools?

  • Who are the top Email Marketing Providers (ESPs)?

  • How do I choose an Email Service Provider?

  • How do I do an Email Campaign?

  • What is email digital marketing?

  • How do you do Email Marketing?

  • What’s a good tactical approach for an Email Marketing strategy?

  • Recommendations for you.

Questions and Answers

What is Email Marketing and its benefits?

Email Marketing is first sending an email often to a mass-distribution of individuals identifying access to a lead magnet containing useful and helpful (sometimes fun) information for the person to download.

Then it’s a series of follow-up emails to hold a conversation with a client or possible client about the benefits or progress on a project.

Your benefits:

  • Affordability – you’ll be connecting with a large number of people who have expressed interest in your product or services through an Email Service Provider (ESP). ESPs typically offer their software at low monthly fees.

  • Effectiveness – average ROI of 3800%, double website traffic over Facebook.

  • Measurability – quickly learn who opened your email message, what your conversion rate is, optimize your campaign.

  • Customization and Personalization – can match your brand and appeal to your audience.

  • Segmentation – can segment your message to subscribers and send targeted email messages.

  • Relationship and Trust Building – opportunity to demonstrate your authority on subject matter to consumers and gain trust.

  • Time-Saving – can create some email automation sequences and integrate your Email Marketing with your website.

How do you send marketing emails?

  • Segment your users. The most obvious place to start in order to send emails your customer want to see is segmentation.

  • Set up an automated Campaign

  • Send from YOUR email address.

  • Run a simple A/B test.

  • Simplify your copy.

  • Give away your knowledge, for free.

How do I start Email Marketing?

  • Establish your goals. It can be tempting to simply sign up for an email marketing tool like Campaign Monitor and start sending your first campaign. But don’t do it.

  • Build your email list.

  • Select the type of campaigns you want to send

  • Create your first campaign

  • Measure your results

What are Email Marketing campaigns?

A series of emails a business uses to communicate with current and potential customers. They’re purpose is to persuade customers to engage with the company in a conversation. The goal is to get you more leads and conversions.

What are the best practices for an Email Marketing Campaign?

Following are 15 best practice rules captured from the rules noted in Chad White’s book, Email Marketing Rules. All marketers should follow the rules. I’ve re-written each rule from Chad’s book. The good news is that by using the 15 best practice rules, it will separate you from spammers.

1. Follow the CAN-SPAM law. Even though it may not protect you from spam complaints or being blacklisted, the CAN-SPAM law will require you to:

Have an unsubscribe link in every promotional email.

Execute opt-out requests right away

Include your mailing address in every email you send

Do not use misleading or deceptive sender names, subject lines, or email copy

Do not attempt to conceal your identity or that you’re sending advertising

2. Stay away from having too much promotional content in your transactional emails

Transactional emails can be sent to people who haven’t subscribed and the emails do not need to include unsubscribe links

Transactional emails have a high open rate. You can use its leverage to include some promotional content in them.

Keep it below 20% of the total content.

Place the promotional content after the transactional content.

3. Don’t buy or even barter for email lists.

Renting a list is a good practice.

4. The owner of the rented list will send out your message.

Understand that the list owner will not share the rented list with you, the renter.

5. Tell the consumer you are adding their email address to your list.

6. Do not make it a requirement an opt-in is required to honor the action of the reader.

7. Tell the reader exactly what kind of email they will get after permission is granted. It must be for what they opted-in for.

8. Also, the permission granted is only for the email address on the opt-in.

9. Connecting with a customer on another channel such as social media isn’t permission for you to send an email to them.

10. Do not share emails with other products or services offered by your company.

11. If you do not have a double opt-in from a reader and the reader has not opened any of your emails over the past month, remove the reader from your elist.

12. If you haven’t sent an email to a subscriber after three months from their signup, re-permission the subscriber. Offer the subscriber an apology if an error was made.

13. Be professional if a subscriber wants to opt-out of your emails. Have an easily found unsubscribe button. Have the button no more than two clicks away for the unsubscribe action.

14. Process any opt-out requests right away. Your ESP should be able to handle the request efficiently.

15. Permission to send emails to a subscriber is temporary. If a subscriber hasn’t taken any action with your emails for over a year, consider the permission has ended.

Chad also lists an additional 135 best practice rules in his book. Each rule comes with some detail.

How do you write a Marketing Email?

Tips for writing the initial Email in the Marketing Funnel:

1. Arouse curiosity with your subject line that shows in the recipient’s inbox email listing.

2. Build on the curiosity in the preview snippet text.

3. On the email, show your name or business name in the “From” box.

4. Show the recipient’s name in the next box.

5. Email headline has strong words reflecting what’s in the email. It must be relevant for the reader’s solution or be useful information.

6. Have the email body start out with a one or two sentences of copy addressing a problem or information the reader is probably looking for.

7. Then follow it with two or three short paragraphs providing the information.

8. The email text must be for the reader, not about you or your company.

9. The next section in the body shows the action item (have access to a report, book, or video). Use a link to allow the reader to take the action.

10. Then have available an opportunity for the reader to click a link for an additional free report or for some additional product or service. It’s an upsell.

11.Finally, include your name and contact info.

12.At the bottom of the email, include a message for an unsubscribe opt-out link.

13. You might have a type of email that must contain a disclaimer message. Add that.

14. You can also add a note suggesting the recipient to forward the email message to someone that may be interested in its content.

15. Also can suggest the recipient to “whitelist” your email address so their email provider will not place future emails into the spam box.

16. By the way, look around and steal the great ideas.

What are Email Marketing Tools?

  • They are the Email Marketing Providers (ESPs).

  • A list of the top 15 follows.

Who are the top Email Marketing Providers (ESP)?

The list below shows the 15 most popular Email Marketing Tools or Providers.

Use of these tools depends on your goals and objective.

Take a look at several of the tools.

How do you make a choice?

A summary outline of the five factors to consider in making a choice is shown as an answer in the next question.

The five factors are explained in detail on the ESP page

1. ActiveCampaign: activecampaign.com

2. AWeber: http://aweber.com

3. Campaign Monitor: campaignmonitor.com

4. Click Funnels: clickfunnels.com

5. Constant Contact: constantcontact.com

6. ConvertKit: https://convertkit.com

7. Drip: drip.co

8. Emma: https://myemma.com

9. GetResponse: getresponse.com

10. iContact: icontact.com

11. Infusionsoft: infusionsoft.com

12. Mad Mimi: https://madmimi.com

13. MailChimp: https://mailchimp.com

14. OntraPort: https://ontraport.com

15. VerticalResponse: verticalresponse.com

How do I choose an Email Service Provider?

This is a summary outline of five key factors to consider when choosing an ESP for your email marketing.

Details are on the “ESP” Page.

Contact management

Opt-in forms

Double and single Opt-in functionality

List-based contact management.

Subscriber-based contact management


Message design and setup




Automation and campaigns.

Content and delivery

Personalization and dynamic content


Inbox review


Email management

Bulk editing


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Performance tracking and reports

Account administration and support


Setup and migration



Plan-based pricing model

Subscriber-based pricing model

Message-based pricing model

Freemium pricing model

Making your final decision

Narrow down the list of email marketing tools that might work to three and then compare them side-by-side using each of the factors shown above.

Think long-term, but don’t overbuy.

How do I do an Email Campaign?

To create a regular email campaign, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Campaigns Page.

Click create Campaign.

Click create an Email.

On the Regular tab, enter a Campaign Name and click Begin.

What is email digital marketing?

It’s the use of digital channels to market products or services.

Digital channels include the internet, mobile phones, social media, search engines, and any additional forms of digital media.

An example of a digital channel use is Pizza Hut’s app to create and order a pizza.

The choice for the pizza toppings would be made using a graphical interface showing the toppings.

After the choice is made, the Pizza Hut app would determine the Pizza Hut nearest to the customer to deliver the order.

The app for the pizza order would be on an iPhone, iPad, or Android platform.

The app went viral.

How do you do Email Marketing?

Define your goals.

Use your email list (you may have to build one).

Select the type of campaigns you want to send.

Create your first campaign.

Run the campaign.

Measure your results.

What’s a good tactical approach for an Email Marketing strategy?

Make your messages personal. Avoid generic messages. Doesn’t mean you have to individually customize the content of each individual email you send.

Segmentation of subscribers.

Mobile friendly emails.

Analyze email performance results.

Plan to keep testing email performance with copy, design, and buttons upgrades.

Use email campaign automation if applicable.

Recommendations for you

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