Email Marketing Checklist

Why are Checkpoints important?

Are you serious about Email Marketing?

Advertising you’re in control of.

Earning an average 3800% Return on Investment (ROI).

That’s a $38 return for each dollar spent.

Then here’s a proposed checklist for your Email Marketing Campaign


1.     Objectives and Goals

2.     Keywords

3.     Email Service Provider (ESP)

4.     Opt-In Form

5.    Story

6.     Lead Magnet|

7.     Landing Page

8.     Email Marketing List (Elist) Segmented

9.     Email Marketing Conversion Funnel

10.    Email Messages – Subject Title – Headline – Inbox Preview Text – Body – Footer

11.    Autoresponder

12.     A/B Test Plan

13.     Unsubscribe Link

14.     Performance Metrics Measurement

15.     Plan to discover and cut-in improvements

You can  access a Page for a specific checklist component by clicking it on the navigation bar.

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