Autoresponder Messages


This Page reviews autoresponders – what they are and how they can be used for promotion purposes.

Or to be strictly informational.

It depends on what your audience expectations are and your goals on matching those expectations.

Table of Contents

  • Purpose of the Page

  • Autoresponder messages – What are they?

  • Examples of an autoresponder use

  • How to create an autoresponder message

  • Would you like to establish a relationship with a possible client?

  • A couple of other things to do concerning autoresponder messages

  • Recommendations for you


Early Action

Get with your ESP to set up your auto responder process.

Autoresponder messages – What are they?

  • One message only – not a set of messages sent sequentially over a period of time.

    • The sequential process of sending out a set of messages is a Marketing Funnel.

  • Autoresponder – a single message sent automatically as a response to a defined action.

  • An auto responder can be informational or promotional.

    • It depends on your audience and the message’s purpose.

    • You will need to understand your audience and the applicable segment of it.

    • It’s “What do they want?

      • Solving a problem.

      • Relieving a pain.

      • Just information relevant to your niche.

    • Successful autoresponders focus on only on one purpose. If applicable, a Call-to-Action.

Examples of an autoresponder use.

  • A “Thank You” for purchasing the product/service. Or submitting a review/testimonial.

  • Tips on setting up and using the product.

  • An upsell for a related product.

  • Sent after downloading a lead magnet, filling in an opt-in form for a newsletter, or a sign-up for a webinar.

    • Message sent to set their expectations for the newsletter or webinar.

    • Do they have any questions or comments on the lead magnet content?

  • Identifying your product service team to contact if any problem arises.

  • Ask the purchaser if they need any additional information.

  • Later on – a message asking “How’s it working out?” “Any questions, recommendations?”

  • Information to join our “User Group.”

  • A data request.

    • Have a checklist identifying a series of blogs you plan to write.

      • Ask the customer to check-off the ones they would like to receive.

    • A series of questions about the user experience on buying the product.

  • A survey request.

    • An online simple survey designed to capture Market Research.

    • Available survey forms from Google forms ( And SurveyMonkey (

How to create an autoresponder message.

  • Reference the Email Page in this website on writing a message.

  • If you have questions, comments, or recommendations, please contact me at:

    Cell – 585 703-0646

    Email –

  • Or we can just chat about Email Marketing.

  • I’ll be happy to respond.

Would you like to establish a relationship with a possible client?

  • Here are some ways to develop your autoresponder message strategy aimed at new clients.

    • First, make a list of every possible action people can take related to engaging your business.

      • Some actions could be identified from how business was gained from existing customers. Probably through a survey.

      • Maybe you already have a subscriber list built from a newsletter you send out or from a group forum you’re in.

      • Then think of a way you could send a single, automated email message related to one of those actions to a segmented list. It will strengthen your relationship by offering something of value to them.

        • Preferably something free with no obligation attached to it.

        • Don’t make it promotional. You might destroy what current relationship you have.

      • A second way.

        • After a short period of time where your customer has been enjoying the use of your product, send an autoresponder message. It offers a special bonus if the customer would refer another person to your business.

        • Include a simple form asking for the referred client’s name and email address.

        • This is a form of a remarketing activity where you are contacting existing customers for referrals on a new customer.

      • Another way.

        • With an autoresponder message, ask your customer for a review of your product or service and the shopping experience associated with it.

        • Make it easy for the customer to respond by having a checklist they can check off on.

        • Include a short space to allow for additional comments they can make.

        • Or you can ask them to submit a review on Google or Yelp.

        • Ask permission if you can publish them as testimonials on you website.

        • Positive testimonials on your website provide a powerful push for a prospect to engage with your business.

      • An add-on to the above strategy.

        • Do the same thing described in the “Another way” option. But have it pertain to a successfully completed service event or a response to a question.

A couple of other things to do concerning autoresponder messages.

  • A/B split test your autoresponder messages.

    • Track the actions your audience did after receiving your autoresponder messages.

    • Build on the better performers.

    • Use the data to upgrade your list segmentation.

  • Review each of the autoresponder message results looking for new opportunities to include in your email marketing strategy.

    • Suggestion is to create a new set of email conversion funnels.

Recommendations for you.

  • Work with your Email Service Provider (ESP) to set up the autoresponder app on your account.

    • Create automated email sequences.

    • And segmentation.

  • Can you identify opportunities to create additional email conversion funnels offering next steps for your audience?

  • Your audience received your autoresponder message.

    • Track and understand the actions they took before and after they received the message.

    • Use the data and analysis for future targeting and segmentation.

Questions? Do you need help working with an autoresponder?

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