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Content Marketing

Where do you find the content
for your informational blog posts?

      Informational blog posts are used in your social media channels to help you become known as an expert that cares. You can become a trusted source in an industry where the reader is searching for help.

Four sources for content:

  • Input from within your company and customers.

    1. Memorable quotes.

    2. Customer reviews and comments.

    3. Data presented as an infographic.

    4. People interacting on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

  • Use other people’s content to “curate” your blog post.

    1. Summarize the content using different words and having it available to your readers.

    2. You’re becoming a helpful expert in the reader’s eyes.

    3. You can add comments on the content that you’re curating.

    4. You can use other people’s content to create an infographic or a meme.

  • User generated content.

    1. Content generated by an employee in your business.

    2. Asking other bloggers to comment on your product.

    3. Reach out to Influencers in your industry for comment on what you’re offering.

  • Interact with readers who comment, like, or share your content.

    1. An alternative – comment, like, or share to other bloggers in your industry.

      The goal here is to become the potential customer’s trusted expert with informational posts.

Before you begin to do your research

     You will need to identify:

  • Your goals.

  • The interests of the people you’re creating blog posts for (buyer persona).

  • Keyword themes based on the buyer persona interests.

    • Keywords connecting what the buyer wants to what you offer.

  • A schedule plan for writing posts.

  • Have a “blog set up” feature on your website.

      You don’t need to confine yourself to just textual posts on your website.

      Informational video and photo posts are alternatives.

      Also there is texting directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter as an option.

References to read:

     Some references you can use:

  • Social Media Marketing Workbook – Jason McDonald

  • Buyer Personas – Adele Ravella

  • Google Keyword Planner and Buzzsumo for keywords

Your inspiration to become a sales giant

      This is hard work to have people come and “like” you along with getting them to return to your site for more info. But expect the work to be enjoyable – highly rewarding. Something satisfying.

      You’ve gained the confidence to produce eye-catching content and promotion for your brand. Use the results to set up accounts on social media platforms.

Take a bow. You deserve it.