Sales networking program enables Kinnear’s Reps to contact 20-30% more prospects a week


Kinnear Office Furniture, a mid-sized company with 35 employees, specializes in interior office design and furnishings for companies.


Kinnear’s sales staff uses networking extensively to identify new prospects in companies and set up sales appointments.

“Networking is of critical importance to our sales team.” CEO Janice Bell said. “One of our toughest problems for our sales team is identifying who in a company we need to contact. There isn’t an obvious title. So we spend a lot of time networking in order to find the right person.”


Bell contacted Smith Training & Consulting inquiring about their program teaching sales professionals how to network effectively. When asked why she did that, Bell commented “We have a product that’s very difficult to sell. So we were looking for any edge we can get our foot in the door.”

Smith’s T&C program “Networking for Sales Results” uses a 5-Step Networking Method training participants on a better way to contact and land appointments with new prospects.

The program – a two day on-site workshop. After the workshop, each salesperson has access to a set of twelve 20 minute training modules to practice the training skills they learned. The modules are easily accessible on a laptop, tablet or a smart phone. Program includes one-to-one coaching and support services available for 180 days.

Bell commented – “The program has no fluff or theory. Right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement right away.”


CEO Bell estimates the sales staff is now making 20-30% more new contacts each week as a result of the training.
Sales team members are giddy and excited.

Bell raved Smith’s training program increased the sales staff effectiveness by “Giant leaps and bounds.”
What it did includes:

  • Making contact with more new prospects faster.
  • No cold calling.
  • Connecting with prospects who are most likely to result in a sale.
  • Setting more appointments with new prospects.

Initially the sales team did not like leaving the field to attend a two day workshop. But it was for only two days. They fell in love with the accessible training modules. And liked the back-up support available from Michael.

“I’d highly recommend Smith’s Networking training program”, Kinnear’s CEO Janice Bell said. “It’s very effective, especially for sales teams like ours relying on networking to build sales.”

For more info, contact Smith Training & Consulting – 800.123.4000