Osteoporosis – A Simple Cure

Caused by a Deficiency of a Hidden Nutrient

The Cure – a 40 cent-a-day Vitamin

The Problem

Your deficiency of a critical nutrient causes the body to mistakenly direct calcium to your arteries – not to your bones.

Result – Osteoporosis.

Your body should be directing calcium to go to your bones and teeth.

The Cure

Orally taking a 180 microgram capsule of Vitamin K2 has been proven to correct your bodies mistake. Your body receiving adequate nourishment from the nutrient will now direct the calcium to go to your bones[1].

Make sure it is the MK-7 version of Vitamin K2, not the MK-4 version. The MK-4 version has a short life span in your body.

Where is Vitamin K2 available?

First of all check with your physician. Chances are your physician has never heard about Vitamin K2 and its effect on the body. The K2 deficiency effect has only been known since 2003.

Instead of K2, your doctor will probably recommend adding on to your intake of calcium.

That’s not the solution Doc. Not a good idea. Yes, your body does needs calcium for your bones to prevent Osteoporosis. The problem is that your body mistakenly directs the calcium to you arteries causing a Hardening of the Arteries condition.

Vitamin K2 in the MK-7 version is available from:

Weider Global Nutrition LLC
2212 Williams Field Road, Suite 230
Gilbert, Arizona 85295. 1-800-435-3948.

The potency offered is 180 micrograms[1].

You will find Weider’s Vitamin K2 available at Costco’s.

What’s crazy. If you do a Google Search for an Osteoporosis cure, you won’t find ads recommending Vitamin K2.


[1] Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements, Michael T. Murray, N.D.