DIT’s sales networking program grows meetings with prospects 13%-27%

Direct Impact Training Inc.

DIT trains and coaches company sales teams in the latest networking techniques landing sales appointments. Its flagship product is “Networking for Sales Results”.

Imagine this story happening to you.

As a seasoned sales director you’re proud of your new position at Acme Computer.

As a sales director at Acme computer, you want to exceed forecast this year.

You have a list of prospective decision makers you’d like your sales team schedule sales appointments with. A problem – cold calling only yielded few appointments last week. Your team has been having very poor results ever since you came to Acme three months ago.

You’re frustrated, depressed. You ask “What are we doing wrong?”

It’s not yours or your team’s fault.

Cold calling was at one time the best way to set up appointments. And it was working. Not anymore. Company representatives do not answer sales calls. There’s too many. Some are robot calls.

Your research uncovers a possible solution. A workshop with DIT for the sales team learning the latest networking techniques. Data shows an average 13% increase of sales appointments after six months, 27% at twelve months. A steep upward growth curve.

Training – a two day workshop at your site.

Great, no travel involved. Your team stays home with their families. No travel and lodging expenses. Individual one-on-one follow-up coaching is included. Coaching improves retention rate by 50%.

What happens after the training?

Sales team morale grew. Setting up sales appointments are easy to do. More time spent working with prospects on solutions. This could be the biggest sales boost possible that Acme has ever achieved.

The sales team is now working together as a unit. I call it the “tribe” effect. Tribe members help each other out, relate success stories with each other, building on success after success.

We also receive a monthly newsletter from DIT.

The letter reinforces the techniques learned and provides status on new ones. We’re keeping ahead of the game.

Two testimonials included in the recent newsletter:

“Within six weeks of the training, my team was setting significantly more appointments with key decision makers” said Tom Chadha, VP Sales, SmithTech Environmental Inc. “And, as a bonus, the team’s morale is way up”.

From the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management: “Networking, if done correctly, is fast becoming the most reliable means of getting that all-important ‘first handshake’ with a new prospect”.

Man, we’re golden. Bonuses, here we come.

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