Would You Like to Make Your Competitors Envious of Your Marketing?

Not knowing what you’re doing that has hit them?

You can!

Paul helps businesses attract and turn leads into customers and brand ambassadors by creating, implementing, and testing low-cost, high-impact Email Marketing campaigns.

What’s different about Paul’s service?

Your email copy includes a story offering your Brand Solution as a way to provide relief for the reader’s internal problem.

Stories attract and sell. Especially when the story relates to resolving a reader’s internal problem. You’ve become the hero.

Good copy also has Education-Backed Marketing data up front in the write-up. Not Product Marketing data. Education-Backed Marketing presents the data about your industry or target market.

This website is all about Email Marketing. Details and recommendations about each component in Email Marketing. Includes metrics on how to measure and discover subject lines and text that improve conversion performance.

There’s also an example page showing a Marketing Funnel with a set of four Emails to be sent out in an automated sequence. Sent out while you’re vacationing in the Bahamas.

Besides creating Email Marketing copy, Paul is a volunteer as:

♦  President of a Home Owners Association in Naples, Florida for 16 years. (a great experience on handling problems especially from the Hurricane Irma trauma)

♦  Golf Rules Official for the Florida State Golf Association – 16 years. (keeps your mind active)

Background Training:

♦  American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) Circle of Success graduate (copywriting)

♦  Five years of webinars and studying on Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

♦  Created my own Website on a WordPress platform

♦  Bachelor of Engineering degree from General Motors Institute – now Kettering University

♦  Masters of Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology in Finance and Marketng

Still studying – current books I use for reference.

♦  “The Ultimate Sales Machine” – Chet Holmes

♦  “This is Marketing” – Seth Godin

♦  “The Robert Collier Letter Book” – Robert Collier

♦  “Crossing the Chasm” – Geoffrey Moore

♦  “3 Months to No. 1” – Will Coombe (step by step SEO)

♦  “On the Art of Writing Copy” – Herschell Gordon Lewis

♦  “Catalog Copy That Sizzles” – Herschell Gordpn Lewis

♦  “Building a Story Brand” – Donald Miller

♦  “Winning Grants Step by Step” Fifth Edition – Tori O’Neal-McErath et al

♦  “The Associated Press Stylebook 2019” – Seth Borenstein et al

♦  “Google Drive & Docs in 30 Minutes” – Ian Lamont

Any Questions?

Getting back to Email Marketing. If you have a question, please give me a call at 585 703-0646.

Even if it is about a golf ruling. I get asked a lot of questions. I’m USGA Certified on the 2019 Golf Rules. Volunteer for about 25 tournaments a year.

You can also email me at psheiler@centurylink.net