This website covers two subjects:

1.) Writing promotion letters for Dietary Supplements.

2.) How to use Email Marketing

In addition, there is a series of sample copywriting ads in the portfolio section.

Writing promotion letters

There are sample dietary supplement promotion letters on this website for your review.

Dietary Supplements are also called Nutritional Supplements.

Notice how the letters are  written. They offer a major benefit.

The first few short sentences summarize the problem, a solution, and how the prospect can have a sample for their evaluation. One example has a free sample for evaluation.

Let’s face it.

Most prospects are skimmers. They only read the first few sentences. Then they are gone.

One letter has a P.S.

If the skimmer is interested in the topic, they will read the P.S.

The P.S. will re-iterate the process written elsewhere in the promotion to get a free sample of your product.

This method of writing a promotion has proven to be very effective in garnering customers.

It is aimed at getting the skimmer to have a positive response.

Would you like to have your promotion written this way?

You can. Contact Paul Heiler by email at psheiler@centurylink.net.

You can also review Paul’s profile at www.linkedin.com/in/paulheiler

Oh yes, glance at the P.P.S. in the sample supplement letter.

It cites a second major benefit from using the product.

Tough stuff, isn’t it?

How to use Email Marketing

The other part of this website covers the Email Marketing process.

Email Marketing has the highest value return and quickest delivery for your promotion.

It suggests sending multiple letters to your prospects with a relevant story citing a major benefit.

It does require a little work. But, you’re not afraid of a little work, are you?

If interested, contact Paul Heiler by email at psheiler@centurylink.net.