You know your market, your brand.

You know your prospects and their problems.

You know how your brand offers to solve the prospect’s problem, the benefits.

Let’s tell a story about the problem and the solution.

Then send the story out to your Email List.

Stories sell

Got questions, need help on a plan?

Contact Paul at 585 703-0646 or psheiler@centurylink.net

Here’s the process.

Start with the attached checkpoint list.

Then the story outline.

Next would be the Marketing Funnel showing the email message sequence. An example is attached.

Send your emails out through your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Measure performance with the Analytics.

A checklist of the components for a complete Email Marketing Campaign is attached.

You may not need all the components.

Pages on this website tell why the component is important, how to do it, and provides recommendations for you.

There’s even a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

All the material is there for you to do the campaign in-house.

But you may have questions and need help.

If so, contact Paul to respond to questions or to set up a plan to “WOW” your sales.

Contact Paul at 585 703-0646 or psheiler@centurylink.net