Social Media Marketing

Are you frustrated with the poor response
you’re having with social media ads?

Here’s a way where you can energize the response.

      Write and make available mostly informational blogs. Six informational blogs then a blog casually mentioning your service with a prime benefit. Follow the 6 to 1 sequence.

      Stay away from a hard sell.

      Social media excels at the “soft objectives” for growing your brand awareness. Informational blogs nurture reader conversations, encouraging positive reviews.

      Purpose of an informational blog is for you to become the potential customer’s trusted expert. Suggest to the reader to send your blog along to his or her friends. In that way you will be building up your email list.

Using social media

      Suggest to start off advertising your blogs through two or three platforms of your choice in social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Email Marketing or maybe a new arrival.

      Attached are a few informational files on the use of several social media platforms. They all have one thing in common – content marketing.

      Also attached is a content marketing file.

Your results

      Hey, the process is not easy. It will take hard work. But expect the work to be enjoyable and highly rewarding. Something satisfying.

      Go for it. Get the sales income you deserve.